Cananga’s Family Member – Ylang Ylang Oil

Not many are aware that Cananga Oil and Ylang Ylang are actually as closely related as Clove oil and Clove’s leaf oil. These two are obtained from the same tree and hence often people confuse the two for each other.

Ylang-ylang is very much useful for health. The ylang-ylang oil has a sedative and euphoric effect which is directly sensed at the nervous system and this helps with tension, anxiety, fear, shock and even panic. It helps in reducing mental stress and makes one feel free from tension and depression. One who is shocked with any incident or have fear of anything for them it is very effective as it helps in removing it. It has remarkable properties in reducing high blood pressure and also helpful for treating intestinal infections.

One who has problem of high blood pressure, for them this oil is quite affective and regular use of this oil helps them to keep their pressure in control. It is referred for rapid breathing and heart beats. It plays a major role in balancing the sebum secretion of our body.

It prevents the dryness of the skin and even deals with over oily skin. It is very much useful for those who have pimples on their faces. It also acts as a hair tonic which helps in the hair growth. To top on that it helps in controlling down hair fall.

Ylang-ylang oil is used in vapour therapy as it could help in easing –

  • Anxiety
  • Shock
  • Rapid breathing
  • Fear
  • Panic
  • Impotence
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Depression

It blends well with many oils such as bergamot, sandalwood, grapefruit and lavender. They are preferred to be used as massage oils or used in baths to relieve help along with frigidity, depression, anxiety, stress and many more.

Due to extreme scent, it has calming properties and also used in case of impotence and frigidity. It stimulates the hair growth largely, stops early hair loss and also controls the sebum production and stimulates its effect. Ylang-ylang oil is extracted from the flowers which are freshly picked and the process is completed by steam distillation. The primary distillation technique is known as Ylang-ylang extra which is the top grade extraction. With the process of solvent extraction, an absolute as well as concrete is produced.

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